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How often should you get a chemical peel?

how often should you get a chemical peel

This is very important question, because frequent usage of acids may damage your skin even more than acne. If you are going to perform chemical peel at home, you need to pick the reagents wisely, but we recommend you to visit specialist. The doctor would examine your skin, pick the suitable proportion of acid and tell how often should you get a chemical peel. It may be up to eight procedures depending on the state of your skin. Usually you need to visit the cosmetologist twice a week, but the accurate number of peels is an individual value.

If you would like to know how often should you get a chemical peel, you may calculate the number of procedures depending on the type of peel, but you should be ready to visit the cosmetologist every three or four days. The maximum length of threatment is one month, because your skin need some time for recovery. In six months, you may try laser peel, but it requires the preliminary consultation with cosmetologist.

How often should you get a chemical peel at home?

To learn how often should you get a chemical peel, you need to answer several simple questions. First is about your age. If you are younger than 18, cosmetologist do not recommend you to perform this procedure, but if you are above 30, this is necessary manipulation to keep your skin young and healthy. The second is about the recipe that you are going to use. If this combination of reagents was suitable for your mother or granny, it may be even restricted for you. Current state of your skin and its type matter a lot.

how often should you get a chemical peel

How often should you get a chemical peel: terms for every type of skin

  • Oily skin – up to two times a week. If you are going to make it more often, it may increase the sebum production, so the effect will not be almost invisible.
  • Dry skin – one procedure in two weeks or even less often. This type of skin requires soft and non-traumatic scrub.
  • Combination skin – you should perform a T-zone peel and the full facial peel should be made only in cases when it is necessary.
  • Normal skin – casual chemical peel may be used every four days, but we recommend you to visit cosmetologist first.

Remember that even light chemical peel damages your skin, so you should not make it too often. There is an optimal recovery term for summer (1 week) and winter (2 weeks). If you visit the cosmetologist, these gaps between procedures should be defined by him. Moreover, specialist may offer you another kind of skin care, because chemical peel is not the only option.

Chemical peel procedure: what is the right order?

chemical peel procedure

The entire chemical peel procedure may take up to several hours, and some actions should be performed by patient at home. The order is similar for any type of peel, but there are some differences, so we highly recommend you to ask your cosmetologist. We would like to tell you about three stages in details.

Chemical peel procedure: stages

First stage is preparation, which includes cleansing the skin of dirt and cosmetics. For this purpose, you need special gel. After it, the surface of the skin should be degreased with a tonic and then disinfected to prevent the infection. At this stage, the face could be treated with a pre-peel composition, which increases the permeability of the epidermis and aligns its structure.

Second stage of chemical peel procedure is the chemical peel itself. Your face will be covered with peel reagents. Depending on the type of technique, cosmetologist uses certain amount of layers. For example, light peel requires only one layer of chemicals, while aggressive type includes up to three layers at once. Moreover, you doctor should define the term, during which your face stays under the mask, but burning, redness, swelling, frost and soreness may affect the length of procedure. Before chemicals could be wiped, the composition have to be neutralized. Modern kind of peeling that do not include usage of acids allows the doctor to miss this step.

chemical peel procedure

Third stage is care after the peel. It includes usage of masks, tonics, lotions and any other kinds of cosmetics that can moisturize the skin, decrease skin burning and soreness. Your main goal is to calm your epidermis, so the new layers of skin will be able to replace eliminated cells. Cosmetologist should provide you with the full list of required actions, so do not try to pick the lotions or masks on your own to prevent damaging your skin.

chemical peel procedure

Detailed chemical peel aftercare instructions

chemical peel aftercare instructions

Chemical peel helps your skin look younger and tighter. The procedure eliminates all kind of age and mimic wrinkles. There are several types of peel.

Chemical peel aftercare instructions: light type

All the peel aftercare depends on the type of acid that had been used during the procedure. Ferulic acid causes minimum damage to upper layer of your skin. You could use all the cosmetics only in 24 hours after the peel. Glycolic acid based solution requires some more extra attention, so it is not recommended to apply any creams or cosmetics for three days. Light texture facial creams must become compulsory part of your skincare complex, the same as recovering and moisturizing ones. Your cosmetologist should tell you chemical peel aftercare instructions depending on the type of procedure. Vitamins A and E are highly recommended. Beware direct sunlight, in first few days it could cause additional skin damage and slow the recovery process.