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Detailed chemical peel aftercare instructions

chemical peel aftercare instructions

Chemical peel helps your skin look younger and tighter. The procedure eliminates all kind of age and mimic wrinkles. There are several types of peel.

Chemical peel aftercare instructions: light type

All the peel aftercare depends on the type of acid that had been used during the procedure. Ferulic acid causes minimum damage to upper layer of your skin. You could use all the cosmetics only in 24 hours after the peel. Glycolic acid based solution requires some more extra attention, so it is not recommended to apply any creams or cosmetics for three days. Light texture facial creams must become compulsory part of your skincare complex, the same as recovering and moisturizing ones. Your cosmetologist should tell you chemical peel aftercare instructions depending on the type of procedure. Vitamins A and E are highly recommended. Beware direct sunlight, in first few days it could cause additional skin damage and slow the recovery process.