Light chemical peel: before and after the procedure

light chemical peel before and after

The first stage of the skin care is the cleansing. So if you want to feel the effect, we recommend you to visit beauty shop, because its specialist will use nutritive, moisturizing and decorative cosmetics. So the best way to eliminate the upper layer of your skin is the light chemical peel. Before and after the procedure you should notice all recommendations of your cosmetologist. This person will define the type of your skin and warn you about all the contraindications. Surface peeling can handle only with skin issues that are placed in the upper level of the epidermis. That is why this method is useless against the deep winkles.

Here is the list of skin issues that could be eliminated by the light chemical peel (before and after the application of chemical reagents it is not recommended to use any kind of cosmetic for approximately two days):

  • Uneven tone of the facial skin,
  • Medium acne
  • Freckles and pigment spots.
  • Skin tiredness that was caused by sunlight exposure, dry winds or change of climate conditions.
  • Oily skin (when the pores are clogged up)light chemical peel before and after

All doctors are sure that light chemical peel before and after the pregnancy is completely harmless. But you must avoid this procedure during the pregnancy and lactation, because some of chemical reagents may enter your bloodstream. Allergy to acids, high temperature and skin neoplasms also are in the list of contraindications.

Light chemical peel: before and after (stages of the procedure).

So the cosmetologist has to clean all the dirt and other harmful components of your skin before starting the peel. Then the doctor will apply the acid solution (fruit acids are the most widespread component). Recovery would last for approximately 3 or 4 days, during which you skin may flake off a little. You see the best result of the procedure after 4 weekly visits to cosmetologist.