What does chemical peel do to handle with your skin defects?

what does a chemical peel do

In the variety of different ways to make your skin look younger, it is hard to understand how many of them will handle with this task. That is why, you should find out what the chemical peel does and whether this procedure is able to solve your problems. For example, if you suffer from skin pigmentation, it will definitely work, but peel is almost useless against age wrinkles. In most cases, the procedure increases the natural production of hyaluronic acid that is very important for skin recovery. Moreover, it may improve not only the appearance of your face, but also the metabolism in the upper layers of the skin.

Types of chemical peeling

Depending on the purpose of the procedure, experts distinguish three different kinds of chemical pilling. Let’s take a closer look at each of them to understand what the chemical peel does about your skin issues and what of them you should choose.

  • Surface pilling is recommended for people with cosmetic facial defects, dry and inflamed skin. It is the fastest type of peeling and you would feel the effect after several weekly visits to doctor.

  • Medium depth pilling is aimed to deal with serious skin defects, but we can describe this type as much more safe than deep peel. It will fit people who suffer from acne, small scars, pigmentation and little wrinkles. It starts the process of natural skin regeneration and your face could become vulnerable to direct sunlight and the erythema will be possible as well.

  • Deep peeling is the most effective one, but in the same time it may cause some temporary damage to your skin, so we recommend you to ask your doctor about the option of this procedure for you in particular.

    what does a chemical peel do

Stages of chemical pilling

We have already learned about what the chemical peel does to eliminate skin defects, and the next part is about stages of this procedure. The first thing that need to be mentioned is that average duration is about sixty minutes. The doctor has to pick up the right combination of chemical reagents and make sure that you do not have an allergy to any of them.

The next step is applying of exfoliate, and every new layer will get the increased dose of acid in the chemical combination. This kind of face mask should spend approximately 5 minutes on your face, then the post-peeling substances will take their turn. The last stage is washing off all procedure excesses and light facial massage. It’s done!