Salon deep chemical peel: before and after

deep chemical peel before and after

Deep chemical peel is the only effective alternative to skin tightening and some other kinds of plastic surgery. Powerful acids (phenolic and trichloroacetic) are used during this procedure. Their main task is to burn the upper layer of the skin, so the process has to be controlled by the professional cosmetologist. It is not recommended to practice deep chemical peel before and after other cosmetic procedures, at least in the short terms. For example, your skin would be ready for this kind of peeling only in six months after the last skin resurfacing. In addition, this method has a wide list of contraindications:

  • chronic and oncological diseases,
  • kidney, heart and vascular diseases,
  • diabetes,
  • health issues with the liver.

People, who would like have children should know that deep chemical peel before and after is restricted, but for term of about 9 months. Lactation period is on the list of contraindications too.

The stages of the deep chemical peel: before and after

deep chemical peel before and after

General or local anesthesia is compulsory term for this procedure. Before the start, doctor should test you for allergy for any chemical component that will be used during the peel. Procedure will take approximately one hundred minutes of your time. All your face will be covered by acid that will be pushed by some medical stripes that will increase the effect of peel.

After the procedure you should use biosynthetic mask or ice to deal with the little discomfort. All the upper layer will flack off after the peel and the new skin parts will took its place. The effect of single procedure lasts for several years. Skin will look much younger after the final stage of recovery process. The winkles will be gone the same as the acne or the rash.

Beware! There are some complications caused by deep chemical peel before and after the procedure. Appearance of keloid scars or change of skin tone is highly possible. So you may guess that recovery process will be long and will cause a lot of inconvenience, but the effect is totally worth it.