Shramik card,e-shram card registration online2022

Hey guys in this article I want to tell you about the shramik card, e shram card online all the Indian citizens who live in India must apply for shramik card online because e shram card gives some amount of money 500 to  1000 rupees in every month if can not apply for this card ill make sure you must apply for e shram card online go to the government website then apply


shramik card, e shram card online all they candidates who have a shramik card, e shram card online 2022 government gives the 500 to 1000 rupees for every persons bank account

What is shramik card, e-shram card

If you do not know what is labor card or e-labor card is, then let us tell you that this is such a scheme started by a government so that it can be found that how many people are there in our India. People who live much below the poverty line, such people are more and more in India, who see that the government has put this scheme in front of us, whose people and till now talking about the government figures, 300 million rupees. The data has been seen so far, in pure India or with many people, I have also started a profession or one thing for which the government goes to our data and on the basis of which the government has a new plan for us.

Some important news about shramik card

1. The work of making e-shram cards has been started by the government in August 2021.
Citizens of any state of the country can get this card made.


2. Through this card, you will be able to get the benefits of various government schemes.
All the workers of the unorganized sector can get e-shram cards made.


3. With the creation of this card, the database of all the workers will be available to the government.


4. This database will be created by the Ministry of Labor and Employment.


5. All unorganized sector workers will be able to register on the official website to get this card made.
Each worker will be provided with an identity card containing a unique identification number.


6. According to the database received through this scheme, various types of schemes will be operated by the government.


7. Through this card, the database of workers moving from the unorganized sector to the organized sector will also be available to the government.


8. Apart from this, this database will also prove to be effective in providing employment to the workers.


9. On getting this card, you will also be provided the benefit of PM Suraksha Bima Yojana. Under which you will be provided accident insurance up to two lakhs.


10. If you have E Shram Card then the amount of premium will be borne by the government to get the benefit of this scheme.


Beneficiaries of E Shram Card, shramik card

1. midwife

2. domestic workers

3. Barber

4. vegetable and fruit seller

5. newspaper seller

6. rickshaw driver

7. CSC center driver

8. MGNREGA workers

9. Asha workers

10. Carpenter

11. a small and marginal farmer

12. Agricultural Laborers

13. sharecropper

14. fisherman

15. Labeling & Packaging

16. building and construction worker

17. leatherworker

all of these beneficiaries names must be filing one of the names when you applied for the shramik card, e-shram card online2022

Does the government check your labor card by coming to you?

If you want to know that the government checks our filled form after coming home, then let us tell you that it has not been completely confirmed because till now no such case has been seen that the government has not seen any person. If you have verified it after going close, it means that you have also filled the name in any of the names given in your form, then there is nothing to worry about because going to everyone’s house and checking the labor card or e labor card, it takes a lot of time to waste. And probably, whatever card will be available till the card election, it confirms that when will you get this money, whether it is your labor card or whether it is a labor card.
If you are satisfied with the information given by us, then please share it once because it takes a lot of hard work to give such information, And one thing, more than four crore people did not get their Aadhaar linked with their mobile number, if your mobile number is not linked, then you cannot get labor card or e labor card and more in linking number with Aadhaar. It does not take time, just within one to three days, your number can be linked with Aadhaar. so if you have any problem then please comment, you will get the answer to your question as soon as possible. Thank you very much for visiting our post

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